My planner arrived yesterday. IT. IS. PERFECT. I so appreciate it’s simplistic elegance. I’m not one for stickers and quotes galore. My days are filled with noise and a bombardment of visual distractions... even on IG! How wonderful to nopen up your planner with its peace inducing shades of muted colors. Literally, I experience calm and peace when I open the cover. The fact that its’ hard bound and lies flat when opened are major pluses. Thank you!

Mary from @marzydotes3

I’m honestly obsessed with my TIDBITS Day Planner! It’s been amazing for planning out my goals for the year AND my day to day stuff. I’ve had a few friends ask me where I got it and order their own already!

-Nicole from @nicole_hood94

It is not only going to help me get done everything done that I want to get done, it is absolutely beautiful! It’s totally customizable. It really is THE planner that you’ve always been searching for, and could never find. Cami read my mind when she created this planner. This is going to make such a difference in my life.

-Jodie from @Jodie.thedesigntwins

Cami is one of those people that everything she does and touches is purely beautiful. This is really such a beautiful planner. I just love that I don’t have to hide it and it is going to be so great for 2020.

-Deb from @seekinglavenderlane

This planner is stunning! I can’t even tell you, it is the best planner I have ever seen with the best features I have ever seen.

-Mara from @quiltinprogress

Love how much note and list space there is, but it’s all customizable!

-Heyley from @ahousewithbooks

I’ve been searching for a planner for YEARS, one that can handle my business, kids, meal planner, and crazy schedules. Let’s just say - I LOVE!

-Kayla from @kaylakellyphotography

This is honestly the first planner in my 30+ years that I’m actually using and loving!

-Michael from @inspiredbycharm

I’m such a list maker. I’m old fashioned and like to cross things off. This planner helps minimize anxiety for me with all that my kids have going on.

-Emily from @Handmadefarmhouse

Cami is a mother, wife, blog owner, and now she and her husband are starting a new business and building a house themselves! She put her mad organization skills into a planner to share how she’s able to accomplish all that she does so successfully!!

Marci from @marcischneiderblog

I am loving my beautiful new TIDBITS planner! I know we are a few weeks into 2020 already, but let’s be real: there are still 50 weeks left, friends, and they would all benefit from being more efficient. I definitely encourage you to check out Cami’s planners!

Rachel from @maisondepax

What I love about TIDBITS Planners . . . the crisp freshness, yet the efficiency goes even beyond its style. Love how you can go from month overview and easily dig into needed daily details and can completely juggle all aspects to keep chaos at bay.

Margaret from @margaretgieszelmann

I love the look of the planners. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Nicole from @nicolema86

I am really drawn to the simplicity of the design and the fact that they were designed by a busy mom like myself.

Elizabeth from @athomeontheprairie

My favorite part of TIDBITS Planners is that Cami designed them without a spiral binding. The page lays flat and is easy to write in.

Annette from @annette_marie

Simplistic elegance jammed pack with ALL the essentials!

Carrieanne from @carrieannewithlove

This planner has everything I’ve wanted in a planner. I love that it has tabs! I’ve wasted lots of time trying to find a specific month! I also love that it lays falt without bulky spirals. It’s set up very simply and I definitely can make it work for me.

Linda from @lyricallylinda

What I love about the planner is that it can be used for writers/bloggers who need to plan out their novels/post/social media content. It’s great!

Erica from @authorericahutchings

I love that they are so pretty! And they seem super user friendly and just FUNCTIONAL!

Shelly from @schloegel

I love the design. Quiet and sophisticated.

Diedre from @little.saint.simons

My sister has one and I’m so jealous! They seem like the greatest planners on the planet and I would love to have my own!

Shareese from @shareese88

I like the pretty cover and large pages with a simple design. The time slot layout is what I’m looking for this year. I’m looking forward to giving this new format a go this year as I plan and create my days with more intention and purpose.

Emily from @sewinglavendersunshine

I love this weekly layout with times, extra space, habit building tracker . . . it’s exactly what I’m looking for and not as easy to find.

Emily from @sunshinelavender

Oh goodness! So much to love about this! The clean, beautiful colors and design, the flexibility/customizability with the blank headings, the flat lay binding, and so much more!

Kelsey from @kelseyalger

OMG! My biggest complaint every school year is finding a nice planner that is not TOO boring or TOO cheerful. I can’t believe I just found out about your IG account! Your vision of the perfect planner is, well, perfect!

Frida from @fridaswill

I love the help these planners will give for writing down goals for the year, month by month, and then the weekly sections. Having places to actually jump in and break those big goals down into tasks that actually help us move toward our big goals. Love!

Jennifer from @missjennyjb

I love it! It is beautiful and functional


It was made for me! It’s so easy to use and was designed in a way that has really increased my productivity at work and at home. I’ve never been completely satisfied with a planner until now.


So far I really like it. I like the layout and the simplicity, and I really like the time blocking (something I haven't had in previous years planners).


I love everything about it. The colour, the pages, that it lays flat.


Versatile and easy to use. Attractive and includes all the areas I need in a planner.


I love the monthly overview and the weekly/hourly planning space. I love that it has flexibility to use in many different ways.


I've tried a lot of different planners, but none of them had everything that I wanted. This planner is absolutely perfect! I love the layout, there's plenty of space to write notes and it looks beautiful sitting out.


I love the quality and the functionality. There are so many different ways to utilize the pages.


This is the planner I've been searching for!! It has just the right mix of structure and freedom to be creative! I love the soft muted colors, the quality paper, the case binding, and the way it lay-flat design! I haven't enjoyed a planner this much in a long time!


Perfect for me, because I love to have room to list each task by hour and to have extra pages for notes.


I have been using paper calendars/planners since the ‘90s and this planner is by far my most favorite!! So classic, a simple format and so well thought out. I love the daily time blocking all on a two page weekly spread. It is so helpful to see the week instead of 365 daily pages. I love the margins and habit tracker each week. The notes pages throughout and at the end and the monthly’s like every detail was included! And I love the quotes as a focus for each week. I really hope you continue to sell these-I will buy one every year!


I love it! It's simple, but has everything I need. I need to see the whole month at once, as well as a whole week. The paper is thick enough I can use my fun pens and they don't bleed through. I need a spot to write to dos for each day AND an hourly schedule and the Tidbits planner does this!!!


I absolutely love everything about this planner. Especially that it is so customizable and just works perfect and is absolutely beautiful styled.


I bought a planner for myself and my husband we both really like it a lot and use it everyday. Really helps to keep us both on track getting things done and planning our weeks and months ahead of time feeling more organized.


I like it, don't love it, only because my schedule is really relaxed and I don't have many things on my schedule. My kids aren't in school yet, so I don't really get to use the hour by hour scheduler. I also wish there was more space for notes in between months instead of just at the end.


I love everything about it starting with the cover & binding. Each week is laid out so I can look at it easily. I like the habit tracker for the week too. This planner helps me to plan my week, month & life.


I love this planner. It is beautiful and keeps me so organized! The design is nearly flawless! I love the pastel colors and lay-flat open design. The planner has the perfect space for planning each day. As a graduate student, wife, soon to be mom, and full time employee I would be completely lost without this!!


The best planner ever. Just enough spaces for everything and not a lot of extra fluff taking up space! I’ve bought $80 fully customizable planners before and this blows them out of the park, and the price is unbeatable! Love that I can make my own headings, and change them each week if I want. Love the simple habit tracker!


Aesthetically it’s spot on and the spaces for contents are so well thought, inspiring and truly versatile.


so simple, exactly how I think, no extra pieces/parts to buy, can use it how you want


This is the best planner I have ever found. I have used daily planners for well over a decade and this one is hands down the best.


I love the layout and that it is hardcover, flat lay stitched binding. I especially like that it includes a habit tracker and plenty of pages for planning each month. I also like that the colors on the pages are neutral and muted.


It has made the multiple aspects of my life easy to manage, with all the lists I could ever want in one place.


It is unique in that it is completely portable and yet it is a monthly, daily and weekly all in one. Very flexible.


Great! Best planner I ever had!


This is the planner that I have been searching for.


There’s a space for anything and everything you need to keep track of. But it’s so open ended I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around how to make it work best for me. And it’s so beautiful I don’t want to mess it up. Lol.


I think it is a a great planner. I think it also works for a journal to keep record of events and also daily thoughts.


There is something I love about being able to take what is in my head and put it on paper! This planner has all the elements I want/need without a lot of extra pages I don't need/want. I love that it lays flat, making it easier to write on. I also like the fact that it has a to-do list space as well as the time slot schedule everyday. It makes it so easy to stay on top of the things I need to do each day in addition to seeing the places I need to be at certain times.


Love the clean feel and layout of the pages, and the versatility! My Tidbits planner lets me customize it to exactly what I need it to be. Plus it’s super well made- the pages don’t bleed or rip easily, it has a durable cover, and has handy month tabs along the edge.


This is the most beautiful planner. It’s a hardback book and it feels special. It’ll be something I look forward to morning, throughout the day and evening. It’s homey and cozy , the blue color is beautiful and the pages are thick with lots of room for every need . I respect this planner and it’s a joy to open up first thing in the morning with my coffee. It feels like a part of morning self care. Definitely the most beautiful planner I have ever owned , with functionality and quality , I fully recommend and will look forward to one every year.


I love the colors that are offered, the cover is hard and book bound, which I prefer. When you open the planner it lays flat. I like the year at a glance for the current and following year. I love the big picture section as well as a note page at the beginning and end of each month. There is plenty of room for, to-do list and projects. You have a monthly as well as a weekly view for each month, on the weekly pages, you can breakdown your times for appointments. There is a note section in the back of the book as well as a highlights section. It has a perpetual dates section but not sure I will use it that way. The planner is larger then what I am use to but I'm not planning on carrying it in my purse. This planner will be for me to use at home along with my family.


The planner is very well made. There is space to write everything I need day to day. I especially enjoy how easily it lays open to see a week to week view.


For me, the flexibility has both pros and cons. I love that you can customize it to be whatever you want it to be and you are not boxed in. However, I have a little trouble getting off the blank page (that's my personality). I think once I decide how to use it I will love the fact that I can adjust it to fit my lifestyle and what is important to me. I also love the daily sheets all on one page but with room to write whatever I want. The section in the back with the blank paper will come in really handy.


I love that the planner is big enough that I can write down all of my plans for the day. I also enjoy that there are many different ways to break down my plans. For example, there is the full month view, the weekly view, plus each day is broken down hourly as well. It makes it easy to write down my plans exactly how I want to. I also appreciate the extra lined pages to make notes, create lists or journal. I really love the year in review at the end where I can reflect on my accomplishments and fun memories and keep it as a journal to look back on.


Beautiful and very functional day planner. I love all the extra space for taking notes and setting goals for the day, week, month, year. I feel like it breaks things down and makes the days more manageable.


I love how simple it is and how it effortlessly I blends into my work flow.


I haven’t been using it long, but so far I’m really liking it. It helps me tremendously with my meal planning and cleaning schedule in addition to all of the kids activities.


I love so much about it - the colors, the simple but efficient layout, extra room to keep track of things, the fact that there are lots, of places for lists which are unlabeled so I can create my own


It's awesome! It lays flat open, it has alot of blank open space to write that's so easily customizable without prewritten tabs! Planner goes to 10pm u like others that stop at 6pm. I love it! Simple and effective!


I love how soft and warm the planner is. It has just enough and isn’t over whelming.


I love it. It’s the perfect pretty planner. So pretty I just leave it open on my coffee table at all time. I love that there isn’t a bunch of wasted space/paper. It is right up my alley.


I love that the weeks start on Sunday. The true first day of the week. I love the day layout that allows for hourly scheduling and the long term planning pages and days to remember. It is so well thought out and speaks to the way I like to plan and organize.


I really love the planner, it has a space for everything I need and it looks classy and sophisticated. I love the size of it and the simplicity.


I love it. It has enough room for all my thoughts and plans, as well as being able to stay open on my desk. The layout is unique and practical.


I’m a planner junkie & I LOVE this planner. I love the hardcover- a year is a long time to carry around a planner & the paperback ones never hold up! Plus the hardcover makes it easy for quickly writing in the car or any other less than ideal space. I love how clean & simple the layout is- easy to get right down to business without lots of distractions. Although If you like decorating your planner there’s lots of room for it! I really love the daily layout. You have timed spots for appointments and such but also room to just jot down quick notes. Most planners only have one or other, and I really appreciate the option for both. My husband even really likes it and has asked me to order one for him!


My Tidbits planner is beautiful, simple, and very customizable. I absolutely love how it is hard bound, and that it can open flat without rings in the middle to get in the way of writing things down. I love the simple, soothing, streamlined colors throughout the pages. I am so happy that I found this wonderful planner!


I absolutely love the Tidbits Planner, the fact that I can display it on my coffee table is a HUGE WIN for me. It's also so durable and the design is absolutely stunning- I love everything from the fonts used to the daily tasks page for each month.


I love the simplicity and design of the TIDBITS Day Planner. Everything is organized in a clear, concise way that makes planning out your life so easy.


Perfect for planning on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. I especially like how the weekly pages allow me to list details for each day.


I love this planner! The daily spread is my favorite, but I love how unstructured the segments are, it allows me flexibility from week to week as my needs change. I am still using this planner, which is months longer than any other planner I have used!


This planner is the perfect combination of sophisticated appearance, high quality, and functionality!


I just retired and was looking for a way to stay organized and motivated and I knew that the TIDBITS planner could be up help. I LOVE the ability to "brain dump" each month and then take the information and add it to my weekly plan. I truly love the weekly layout in the planner. There is ample room to jot down ideas, information and to do lists. I also like the habit tracker!!


Easy to use and spacious. Not for carrying in your purse because it is large.


The planner is Beautiful, crisp, and incredibly useful. There is plenty of room to write all of our daily activities. I even use it to write down our homeschool assignments.


Love this planner! Lots of room for all kinds of lists, includes hourly slots AND room for notes or to-do list every day. Simple and customizable for anyone’s planner needs.


I love this planner so much! The pages are so efficient - I’ve used them both as an independent contractor who needs to be structured in scheduling my day for appointments and meetings and also now as a SAHM, which is also good for blocking. Love it!


I love it. It has lots of space to brain dump and organize your life on paper. It's clean looking, it's not over stimulating. I've really enjoyed using it and mapping out my life.


It's really just the right size and I love the way its laid out! Monthly, weekly/notes and tabbed out! The quotes on the top of each page are my favorite! Overall I'd say this is the best planner I've owned yet. I have a busy busy life and can use it for both my personal and work life without feeling like I'm smashing everything in it. I really like this Planner 🙂


I love how it breaks down the day, has open boxes for a variety of options and I adore the clean and simple look!


The book has very clean and organized spaces. It is easy to plan out many different things in the week. There is plenty of space for schedules, to do lists, and other notes. It is very good quality and makes me feel happy using it!


Favorite planner so far! Love the habit tracker for each week.


This contains very neat and useful templates for a smart blend of the bullet journal and typical planner.


Several reasons, other than loving the looks, I am so happy it doesn’t have a spiral binder and lays so nicely! I like being able to organize my days by the hour as well as taking a glance at the monthly calendar. And hey, it looks so pretty on my desk. That’s important too.


It helps to organize my to-do list for the day as well my schedule for the day. It has been extremely helpful with homeschooling my kids during the Coronavirus quarantine.


I like the tidbits planner! The size of it is helpful for me and the paper quality is great. I like how it is flexible to my changing needs.


I love the clean, simple design. My favorite section is the weekly layout. This has been a game changer for me using your process 😍


My daughter and I love both the planner and journal. I purchased two sets.


Love the layout, plenty of room and ways to make it fit your style and personality of tracking while giving you the basic layout and structure to do so.


I love the Tidbits planner because I believe that it is structured enough to be a very simple planner, yet there are enough options to customize it in anyway that you choose. I can track water and exercise, meal plan, baby naps, etc. Truly, each month has looked different for me, and I love that! It is so many products packed into one beautiful planner.


I love the look of this planner, it looked fantastic on my desk. I like the layout of the weekly days. The book lies completely flat and that is a great feature. I also loved that the section titles were blank and I could write them in as needed. My favorite was the muted colors.


This planner is a dream come true! Things I was looking for and FOUND in Tidbits... Hard cover, structure plus open ended, neutral coloring, the way the monthly tabs are set up (perfect!), thick paper (no ghosting), plenty of room for creativity, room for notes and goals, hourly schedule, blank space for other daily notes, lay flat pages, I could go on and on!


I love the hardcover! I love that the pages are pretty customizable, while still providing a general structure for each month/week/day. Also love that the tabs don't stick out, they just flow with the book.


I’d say that the weekly layout is the best I’ve found. I can have a to do list for each day as well as a set time schedule. All the other “list” spots are customizable to what I need that week. Maybe it’s a packing list or a shopping list or a meal plan. I like that I can change it every week. I love that the planner doesn’t have a lot of extra stuff that I probably wouldn’t use. Just the basics but enough extra to meet my needs.


I love it. I very picky about planners. Line thicknesses, layouts, type. But I love it.


I love the layout for the week. I can write calendar events, block my time, make notes and lists on the side & the habit tracker helps me stay accountable for goals I'm trying to cultivate.


Love the layout, in particular the full month at the beginning of the month. Love the habit tracker. Wish there was more space for notes on the weekly layout, found my self not using the time sheet as much as I was using the notes section on the right hand side


I love that it is so simple yet so functional. Best planner ever!


Very clear and easy to use templates for planning everything for living today.


Love the simple design of the planner and the hardcover. Not too thick and lays flat when open. I use it every day and feel lost without it!


I absolutely love the TIDBITS planner! It gives you the space you need for whatever you want to include in your planner, but with a clean and simple layout. The inspirational quote and habit tracker in the weekly view are my favorite touches! And the price is great, especially compared to some other planners on the market.


I love how clear and clean the planner is. Its beautiful and straightforward. Helps my achieve goals without getting overwhelmed.


It’s beautiful! Not too big and not too small. It’s pretty and I like carrying it around. The options for planning out weeks, months etc are helpful.


I really like this planner! It is hard to find one where the days of the week run horizontally and the times run vertically. I like this format because I can more easily get rhythm going in my day to day life. I like the additions of quotes, habit trackers, etc. It has everything I need and nothing I don't, for the most part.


I love the size because the squares are big enough to write in. The hard back neutral cover is very pleasing to look at. It helps me keep track of our life!


The planner is so practical! It helps to keep me organized, has plenty of space for writing/planning, and it’s very pretty!