Hello, I am Cami and this is my crew!


TIDBITS & Company is first and foremost our family business.  

I first created my blog TIDBITS in 2013 and it has since grown into a family affair, where I was able to bring Kevin (aka - Mr. TIDBITS) home from his corporate job to do all of life together. 

We work and learn together daily, and each in our own way help to create content and products for you.

We are a homesteading, homeschooling, home-working family.  Simply put, WE LOVE HOME! - and we hope to inspire you - as the keeper of your home, to feel the same.

I have big dreams for this little “online market”, to become a place where you can shop, learn and create to your heart's content. We want to help you love your home, organize your life, become more self-sufficient and equip you with the homemaking skills you need to do so.

We would love to hear from you and have you join us on this journey!

Welcome to the company, my friend! 


As helpful as my little family is, I still need to bring on some incredible talent from around the world to help me get it all done. 

I want to introduce you to my small but mighty team!  These women have been absolutely key in helping me build TIDBITS & Company!  They each bring a unique and vital skill set to the team, and I am thrilled to introduce you to each one.  When you support TIDBITS & Company, you support each of these amazing women and help build more TIDBITS for the world!  We all thank you!

Meet Alina

This is a woman and mother of many many talents!

Alina is the brilliant graphic designer behind all the TIDBITS Planners products.  She takes all my messy sketches and plans and makes them beautiful for you!  My favorite part of the planner creation process is working with her to make it all come alive!  It’s magical! 


I’ve often told Juci that she gives me my wings to fly!  I can dream up all sorts of things, but without Juci’s super ninja tech skills - none of them would happen!  This gal is as spunky as she is brilliant, and always described best in her own words!

“I am a code nerd with a passion for making the online world more gorgeous and connected.  By combining my strategy brain with a deep love for all things tech, I help badass business owners craft luxurious experiences online - from websites to courses and beyond.  When I’m not typing away on my trusty MacBook, you can find me twirling around on a Lindy Hop dance floor, playing board games with friends or cozying up at home with a good book.”

Connect with Juci at Code & Glitter


Sweet BrookeAnn is a dear friend and neighbor of mine, and a wonderful mother and wife.

When I needed help with packaging, shipping and customer service she jumped in and saved the day!  BrookeAnn is 100% reliable, kind and will most likely be the one you chat with if you need any help with your order.  She keeps my brain relaxed and ready to dream up more products.  I couldn’t do any of this without her!  Feel free to email her at help@tidbitsandcompany.com and let her know how grateful you are for your beautifully packaged order!  She says she loves sending out the products and seeing where they go, all over the states and out of the country.  She is grateful to have the work and to be able to stay home with her boys!


This talented woman came into my life exactly when I needed her. I was just diving into the world of video as a blogger, and was incredibly overwhelmed and out of my league. Just at the brink of giving up, I discovered Celine! She gave me the confidence and courage to keep going. This girl makes all the video magic for my blog and here at TIDBITS & Company. I can throw a mess of footage at her, and she makes it all work beautifully. She knows what I need before I do! Eternally grateful for such talent to help me - help you! Connect with Celine and get a glimpse of her creative, beautiful life on Instagram.

Connect with Celine on Instagram