Frequently Asked Questions


When will I receive my order?

All products listed are in stock! We currently fulfill all orders ourselves and do not have a fulfillment center. Your patience is appreciated as we work hard to fulfill all orders. Please allow for 1-3 day processing times.  Orders shipped via UPS or USPS ground shipping (approximately 2-7 days for domestic orders, and 7-15 days for international orders).

Do you have any digital planners?

We used to create digital planners and notebooks.  However, there wasn’t enough interest to justify creating them any more.  But we always love your feedback for future products, so let me know what you would like!

Can I return my products?

Yes!  Please read our return policy, here.

Can you customize my planner?

Because we are a very small company, at this point we can only order in bulk quantities and cannot customize.  

Do you have a Monday start planner?

The preference between Monday and Sunday start planners are so mixed!  Our polls have indicated more interest in a weekly sunday start to mirror the typical sunday start calendars.  However, we hope to grow and provide both options.  Until then, you may prefer getting the Monday start printable planner to better suit your needs.

Do you have an academic year planner?

We sure hope to grow into that possibility of offering many planners to suit all needs. Currently, we only have a Jan-Dec planner.

Will you be making your TIDBITS pens again?

There were so many fans of our pens, but unfortunately we were unable to get them at quantities that we could afford to invest in.  We hope to continue to grow this company and have the means to produce them again, and even better than ever.  All your support will help!

What happened to the TIDBITS Planners brand name?

As the creator, I came to the realization that I would not be able to grow an entire company dedicated to planning products alone.  Content creation (versus product creation) is still at the center of my passion and I’d rather do more of that than build a large planner company.  However, there are still products I wish to create and provide - namely my planner, linen products and classes.  By consolidating it all under the brand TIDBITS & Company I am able to combine my efforts under one umbrella and open up possibilities for more ideas to come to fruition.  Building a planner company solely would have consumed all my efforts - as I quickly came to learn.  I do hope this effort will allow me to continue to create what you want from me!  Thank you for your support as I figure it all out.

Where are your linen products made?

We buy 100% pure linen from a wholesale source based in Europe and the US, and then the products are sewn in the USA - currently all by moms helping to support their families.  We appreciate your support!